Session 4

I procrastinate by working on other assignments and playing puzzle games. It gets to the point where I forget what I was supposed to do by the time I get around to doing it. I really shouldn’t procrastinate because I have a hard time remembering tasks and then they build up overtime to the point where it gets overwhelming to do all of them and I just ignore them or I find the determination to knock them all out.


Session 13

  • graduate from Texas State with a marketing degree and UT with a business law degree
  • a solid family with lots of dogs
  • helped out people all over the world
  • dedicated myself to helping animals
  • my love for travel and those experiences with my family
  • my dedication to learning
  • a career to be proud of, one that I worked for and earned
  • the friends I have made and kept over the years

Session 13

At my 100th birthday party I’d want people to highlight:

  • reliable & good friend, son, etc.
  • always hardworking
  • passion for sports, traveling, and music
  • good father
  • worked a good enough paying job to send my kids off to school
  • retired comfortably

Session 13: Chelsea Fuchs

At my 100th birthday I aspire to have the following highlighted in my life:

  • Continuously brings a smile to others’ faces
  • Friend and family oriented
  • Loving spouse
  • Nurturing mother and grandmother beyond compare
  • Comforting, positive, happy and amusing individual
  • Passionate, Driven and successful in her marketing career
  • Trusted adviser
  • The best hype woman around
  • Adventurous & Spontaneous (especially in my travels)
  • Devoted christian
  • Active community member

Session 13: Boo Murray

  • Known for making everyone laugh and be happy
  • Well traveled
  • Successful in my career )hopefully partner)
  • Showed everyone love and held no grudes
  • Have plenty of animals to leave behind
  • Still able to move at 100
  • I have friends who are 100 with me to look back on life with
  • Kicked ass at video games

Thank you for attending my birthday party! ­čÖé