This is the official blog for the Fall 2017 Housley Leadership Class. Additional instructions will be given in class and via email. As part of your grade, you are required to make one blog post per week reflecting on the prompt. While there is no length requirement, it is important that you write enough to have sufficiently answered the prompt and to demonstrate effort on your part. Posts are due by midnight on the Sunday before class.

Prompts apply to the class that they follow. For example, before Session Two, you must answer the blog prompt associated with Session One. It is due on Sunday, August 17th, the day before Session Two. Blog prompts will be posted on this site at the end of each session and can also be accessed via the Resources page on the Housley Website

Please make your posts as interesting and unique as possible. We are looking for a thoughtful reflection as well as something that expands your mind and the minds of your classmates. Feel free to use any (relevant and appropriate) images, videos, cartoons, and any articles you might want to include. You are highly encouraged to respond to each other’s posts.¬†Be sure to¬†categorize your post under the appropriate session number.