Session 13

  • graduate from Texas State with a marketing degree and UT with a business law degree
  • a solid family with lots of dogs
  • helped out people all over the world
  • dedicated myself to helping animals
  • my love for travel and those experiences with my family
  • my dedication to learning
  • a career to be proud of, one that I worked for and earned
  • the friends I have made and kept over the years

Session 12

I’d like to to change the word miserable with loving. My goal in life is to make the relationships around me filled with love and affection and loyalty, because that’s what I value the most. The people I meet in my life and all the ones I choose to keep around, I want them to know I put forth love into them and the relationships. I feel you can be rich, ricer than even Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates, but I need people to be rich with to be happy. If I’m rich with love in all my relationships, I’d feel accomplished. I also chose love, over affection, loyalty, and friendship, because I  feel those words are all foundations of what it means to love people. If I choose to keep you in my life, I put all of those words into the relationship.

Session 11

The most valuable unique perspective from the presentations, was the baking for me. I really liked how the group broke down what makes an effective leader, but made sure to iterate that all the ingredients can fluctuate depending on what you’re baking. So, they were portraying that there are important things that make every leader, but every leader has a varying amount of each one. You can bake cookies and cake with, basically, the same ingredients and they both taste great, but they are different. Which is a metaphor for different leadership styles. This presentation illustrated what goes into being a leader in a very simple, easy to understand way.

Session 10

I am a marketing major with a minor in international business, and I am due to graduate from Texas State University in the May of 2020. My goal is to continue my education at the University of Texas to pursue a degree in contractual business law. I bring around positive energy and fun, especially while I’m working. I am capable of working independently and getting stuff done, but I really enjoy team collaboration and being around intelligent people.

I aim to be very involved on my campus to help me stay active and better myself for the future.  I am a part of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, I hold the position of rush chair in the ENT business organization, and I am a co-founder of Bobcats Impacting Globally, the first Texas State mission trip organization. These commitments really have boosted my confidence and helped me work on myself to be a better leader, and a better person all around. Most of all, I am involved in every single one of these organizations, because they add value to my life and help me strive to become better.

Fitness is a really important aspect of my life, I choose to go almost every day to keep myself healthy and fit. Being active helps me stay motivated in all aspects of my life and I choose to eat healthy as much as possible to maintain high energy levels and take care of myself.


Session 9

I learned a lot about myself from this exercise about myself. I discovered that I overestimated my leadership skills in all areas which really took me aback. This really helped me to realize that while I may think I am embodying these leadership traits, it doesn’t show to everyone in all of my actions. This was really eye-opening to me that I need to be more positive with others and that I really need to focus on applying all of these lessons overall in my everyday habits.

Session 8

Of the seven chronic problems, the one I find most applicable to me is the lack of strategy. I have an end goal and vision, but I kind of make it up as I go along. I lack a “compass” or a “road map”, I need to focus more on deciding what is the best way for me to reach my end goal and implement that in my everyday life. My vision for my future is to graduate with a degree in marketing from Texas State then go on to get my contract law degree from the University of Texas or an even better university.

My Core Values:

  • desire for higher knowledge
  • continuous progress on my internal and physical self
  • forging new bonds with positive, motivated people and strengthening the bonds I have now
  • love for experiencing new things outside of my comfort zone

Session 7

At my first, and most likely last, job in food service, I experienced poor leadership like I have never seen. The restaurant I was employed at as a hostess hired the majority of their servers from low-income areas and as a result the servers were particularly not the best people or servers. On a relatively busy night, I was asked by a server to not seat her with any tables because “she didn’t feel like working too hard today”. As the night went on and the wait time grew I had no choice but to seat the server repeatedly. Seeing she had been sat, she ran up to the host stand and yelled in front of the customers, “If you sit me again tonight I will knock your bitch ass out”. I instantly let my managers know I had been threatened at work and they advised me to try and avoid her. I politely told my managers that this kind of behavior going untreated is very illegal on their part, yet they refused to listen. Later that night, the same server got in a fist fight with a female customer at the bar and the cops were called. The girl was arrested, and after a thorough investigation by corporate, all three managers on duty that night lost their jobs.