Session 13: Chelsea Fuchs

At my 100th birthday I aspire to have the following highlighted in my life:

  • Continuously brings a smile to others’ faces
  • Friend and family oriented
  • Loving spouse
  • Nurturing mother and grandmother beyond compare
  • Comforting, positive, happy and amusing individual
  • Passionate, Driven and successful in her marketing career
  • Trusted adviser
  • The best hype woman around
  • Adventurous & Spontaneous (especially in my travels)
  • Devoted christian
  • Active community member

Session 12: Chelsea Fuchs

I would defy the “rich and miserable” presumption by being rich with fellowship. In the end, money means nothing to me if I’m not surrounded by ones I admire and respect. One of my passions is creating and maintaining loving relationships with family and friends through laughter and positivity. I value preserving and growing lasting relationships with friends and family, and while money can give me financial security, it cannot provide me with genuine relationships. Being successful in my occupation is my ultimate goal, but to achieve the goal without fellowship would counteract my entire accomplishment. To change from being rich and miserable to being rich and joyful, I would bring fellowship to others and the world.  Being encircled by those that care for you and who you are able to relate to brings joy that money is not able to genuinely simulate.

Session 11: Chelsea Fuchs

I found the presentation covering emotional intelligence to be very valuable when analyzing what it was, how it can be enhanced and why having this ability adds toward being an effective leader. With the increase in technology and information in this world, it appears people are more involved with the technology and increasing their knowledge that being able to communicate with people effectively is forgotten about. This situation makes emotional intelligence so important because being able to gage emotions is a vital part of being able to communicate effectively. I found it insightful how self-awareness was the first step in expanding one’s emotional intelligence. It makes complete sense how one is not able to truly understand other’s emotions until they understand themselves first. It would be like teaching someone how to cook a four-course meal when you do not even know how to boil water. You must start with the basics, in this case yourself, before being able to advance toward the complex, understanding others. From first becoming self-aware you are then able to manage your findings. It was interesting to hear from this group how being able to react appropriately based on people’s emotions results in a high EQ thus presenting their salary to be $29,000 higher than those with a low EQ.  Being an effective leader consists of being able to communicate effectively with your teammates or colleagues, and one cannot communicate effectively without reading and understanding people’s emotions. According to this presentation, emotional intelligence accounts for 58 percent of one’s job, making it such an important quality to be skilled in thus contributing to the development of an effective leader.

Session 10: Chelsea Fuchs

Chelsea Fuchs is a sophomore at Texas State University who is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in marketing. She prides herself in being a supporting, sincere and loving friend and family member. One of her favorite things to do is laugh and make others laugh as well. Chelsea is a very organized individual who loves to host events for others. With this in mind, she would love to use her marketing degree within the event planning or entertainment industry. Chelsea has gained marketing experience while interning at Slone Saddles during the summer of 2017 and is currently a marketing and promotions intern for the Texas State Sports department. Amongst these internships she has gained knowledge in social media and sports marketing. Chelsea values positivity, relationships with her friends and families, having an understanding over objective outlook and an open mind over anything.

Chelsea has enjoyed being in leadership positions growing up and continues to hold positions at her university.  In addition to her marketing and promotions internship, Chelsea is also a McCoy Business College Ambassador, member of the American Marketing Association and a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society.  Chelsea works hard to produce quality work within her organizations as well as with her school work.

In her free time, Chelsea enjoys crafting, catching a good movie and exploring the outdoors. She loves to preserve memories through scrapbooking and would like to develop other proficiencies in crafting and music such as learning to knit and play the ukulele. Chelsea continues to create fun-filled memories with her friends whenever possible.

Session 9: Chelsea Fuchs

This student leadership practices inventory revealed several points about my leadership style in ways that I excel and fail to do my best. In general, I found that I underestimated myself in many ways compared to how my peers evaluated me. Through this I discovered how there are things I need to work on to make me feel personally satisfied with my actions as a leader, but I primarily need to work on my self-confidence. I was happy to see that my peers rated me the highest when treating others with dignity and respect and following through with promises and commitments I make.

When going over my results, I was surprised to find how I rated myself higher than my peers did in regard to actively listening to other’s diverse points of view and supporting decisions others make on their own. Both these practices fall under the skill of enabling others to act. This surprises me because one of my values is making sure I listen to other’s points of views before expressing my own. Another instance where I over rated myself was about my positivity in the inspiring a shared vision category; I am especially surprised in this category because I pride myself in being a positive person and finding the upside in situations. These observations make me realize how I need to work harder in regard to listening to people and make others more aware of my values. Seeing as my lowest scores were generated in the category of challenging the process, I find that I become too comfortable with the present and become afraid of taking certain risks. In the future, I will not let my fear prohibit change but rather use it as fuel in my decision making.

Session 8: Chelsea Fuchs

When applying these seven chronic problems to myself, I find that I experience problems with poor alignment. While I have now created a mission statement and identified my vision and values, I still find myself straying from what I have stated. For example, I mention in my mission statement how I will pursue a healthy life style; however, I have yet to make the accommodations to do so. Excuse after excuse follows me. Likewise, I am not volunteering my extra time as much as I would like to or presenting myself with new ways to challenge myself physically and intellectually. This poor alignment between my mission statement and my actions have inherently affected other items in my mission statement. Before I skew anymore of my views, I must buckle down now by hitting the gym and volunteering my time when needed.

My life is meant for purpose and adventure. I do not want to rush through each day but instead embrace every moment. I am aware that every moment in my life might not go the way desired, but I will use positivity to surpass the difficult instances I may encounter. My personalized journey through life will consist of the following.

  • Loving and serving God through daily devotion.
  • Making sure my friends and family know I care for them.
  • Positively motivating and encouraging others as well as myself.
  • Having a positive attitude.
  • Having a commitment to excellence.
  • Being sincere and honest.
  • Making decisions quickly, effectively, and fearlessly.
  • Frequently presenting myself with new challenges.
  • Volunteering in my community as well as other places in need, and enjoy doing so.
  • Seeking to make others laugh and smile.
  • Living and valuing a healthy and fit life.
  • Facing difficult situations with constructive solutions and responses.
  • Reading for enjoyment.
  • Developing new proficiencies.
  • Staying updated with political and world issues.
  • Expanding my knowledge by presenting myself with new instances to learn.
  • Embracing new adventures and chances to travel.

Vision: I offer myself new ways to stimulate my mind with knowledge enhancing instances. When support and encouragement is needed from my friends or family, I am there to provide. I abide by my values and beliefs, and embrace learning new things about myself. Ultimately, my actions help me to be the best in the position as the marketing manager for a major league baseball team. In this position, I view projects and tasks as enjoyment rather than work. Despite my job, I find time to travel to my dream destinations around the world, and interact and entertain with friends and family.

Values: Positivity, honesty, an understanding over objective outlook, maintaining the growth of relationships, laughter, directing myself towards others rather than myself

Session 7: Chelsea Fuchs

This past summer was the first time I have been introduced to the supporting style of leadership. Throughout high school I was very much lead by a coaching leadership style. My parents gave me great direction while being very supportive. They provided me with essential life skills and taught me the importance of hard work. My summer job was a change of pace from my upbringing, but a nice and needed change at that.

Over the summer, I worked in the saddle industry at a local saddle shop in my hometown. Before working here, I had never ridden a horse before much less had any knowledge about saddles. Needless to say, I was in a learning situation and very much was led by a coaching leadership style for the first few days I was there. The employees were willing to answer any questions I had and helped me find my way around the saddle. However, after this point I was transitioned to the supporting style of leadership. Several marketing projects were handed over to me from my supervisor. Many of these tasks required skills in marketing, and although I am a marketing major, I had not been taught much about the subject.  I became very overwhelmed with the work load, but I quickly realized that thinking about the work I had to do instead of researching how to complete the work was not going to get me anywhere. This was the first time I was given so much freedom in how I completed my work, and I honestly did not know how to approach the situation in the beginning. However, I did not allow this outlook to control me any longer. I made sure to do my research on marketing, educate myself, and turn in quality work.

This summer experience is the most impactful work experience I have ever had. I realized that completing a task does not always have a guide that comes along with it, but this provides for much more creativity and an opened mind. I am very thankful for this learning opportunity. I value the people I worked with, the work I created, and the skills I gained.