Blog 13: Jaysen Sneed

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Blog 12: Jaysen Sneed

I would change the word miserable to willpower. I want other people in the world to realize that they have the willpower inside of them in order to conquer any challenge they may face. I know from my own experience, there are times when I feel like I want to give up, and I let my fear get the best of me. My fear kept me from realizing that I am capable of doing much more and missing out on many opportunities. I feel that other people in the world let their worse fears get the best of them. Fear is something that others feel like they cannot control. I want to help others realize that they have the willpower to overcome their greatest fears. Believing in their own willpower will open up a door of opportunities that they did not think would be possible. Trusting in one’s own willpower gives a person confidence that they can meet a challenge, even if the odds are against them. There will be times when one will fall, but that does not mean they let it affect who they are. Believing in one’s willpower will let them learn from their failure and continue to push themselves so they can reach greatness.

Blog 11 – Jaysen Sneed

The emotional intelligence presentation was one that I found to be very valuable, especially when it comes to using leadership skills in order to connect with others. People are not communicating with people effectively due to the constant exposure due to technology. People think that due to all the information they get from technology that they will be able to communicate to people about a variety of topics. Even with the knowledge of many topics, that does not mean a person can communicate effectively. A leader may be able to know what it takes to accomplish their goal, but the goal cannot be reached if it is not communicated to others so they can understand the importance of the goal. A way to establish rapport as a leader is to understand other people by learning how to aware of how certain messages should and should not be communicated to others. This requires a leader to be self-aware of those around them and if they are going to be aware of the emotions of others, then they have to be aware of their own emotions so they can be more people oriented.

Blog 10 – Jaysen Sneed

Jaysen Sneed is a student at Texas State University who will be graduating next Spring in May 2017 with a major in communication studies and minor in leadership studies. After Jaysen graduates, Jaysen will be a graduate student at Texas State University, pursuing his education in communication studies in order to focus on organizational and interpersonal communication. Jaysen plans on working in human resources and focus on counseling younger students in order to help younger students have better self-esteem and a stronger self-concept.

Jaysen loves to read books, exercise, and go on adventures. Jaysen is currently a resident assistant on the Texas State campus. Jaysen pursues his goal of helping others by helping his residents with their school and social life in order for them to be successful and grow into future leaders. Jaysen continues to face obstacles when he is challenged, but he adapts to the situation in order to increase his leadership abilities and communication skills.

Jaysen enjoys doing research on different ethnic groups and gender identities in order to understand people who do not conform or feel accepted in society. Je continues to be an ally for those under-represented. He believes that we should seek to understand others, rather than wanting others to understand them.

Blog 9: Jaysen Sneed

What surprised me about my results was that all my observers rated me higher on my leadership abilities then I did for myself. Part of me was thinking that the people who took the survey for me were just being nice, but it helped me realize something. It helped me realize that actually make an impact on people and that many people acknowledge my leadership skills, more then I do. I noticed that I am much harder on myself because I do not think of myself as an effective leader, even though I strive to be one. I realized I should not be so hard on myself and learn how to acknowledge that even though I can always improve, I need to focus more on what I am doing right, instead of what I am doing wrong. I must be doing some type of an effective job if my observers noticed how I am able to demonstrate my skills, even outside of an official leadership position. I think that I should do more of a self-analysis of my skills and realize what it is I am doing right on a day or weekly basis so I can be more aware of it and not be so hard on myself and think I have to behave almost like an unflawed robot.

Blog 8: Jaysen Sneed

After doing much thinking, I believe the chronic problem that I deal with is lacking a strategic plan. I am someone who believes that a persons path is constantly changing and there is no set path one takes. I think a person can have an idea of what they want to do with their life, but having a set plan on how they want to reach their goal seems impossible to me. The reason for this is is due to how there are many obstacles in life that we have to overcome by adapting to the situation. Sometimes this means having to try a method on reaching your goal that can put you on a different path to your goal, but with just as many rewards.  After thinking about this, I now have a better idea of how my mission statement reflects my own personal values.


My mission in life is to make sure people feel like they are accepted and have a voice. Everyone in life comes from many diverse backgrounds that shapes who they are. They have many skills and talents that make them unique, but that some people may find odd. I plan on making sure that everyone feels like they have a voice in our society and can be flexible on how they decide to choose their path. Nothing is set in stone. I plan on making sure people feel comfortable when they feel as if their original destination did not work. I will be here to encourage others that there are other ways for them to reach their goal. It is alright to feel lost, just as long as they find themselves. They do not have to do it alone. They will have a leader like me to help them through their struggles.

Blog 7: Jaysen Sneed

A time I had an inappropriate leadership style applied to me was when I was part for an organization on campus. On our E-board, most of us were very organized, except for our president. Our president was supposed to let us know who we needed to contact in order  to get an appointment to go to a workshop in order to learn how to do some marketing branding. We eventually missed the deadline, because our president assumed that if they were not going to do it then we would. The issue with this is that we did not know the person we were suppose to contact because our president was the only one who had the information. This really made me upset that our president was so organized to the point that it led to them being so ignorant that we could contact someone we did not have the information for. I did not handle it well and I eventually vented to my best friend about it later, because I was so upset. If I could go back and change something, I would have talked to our president one on one and how all of us could have done things better.