Session 4

I procrastinate by working on other assignments and playing puzzle games. It gets to the point where I forget what I was supposed to do by the time I get around to doing it. I really shouldn’t procrastinate because I have a hard time remembering tasks and then they build up overtime to the point where it gets overwhelming to do all of them and I just ignore them or I find the determination to knock them all out.


Session 3

I used to be a tour guide at Natural Bridge Caverns, the job was hard: long hours, minimum wage, public speaking, etc. The tours are scheduled by color, the color on your ticket matches the tour you would be on. I remember one particular day when I already had a sold out tour (50 guests) and small children. We announce the tour color at least twice before we start our decent into the sinkhole and again before we collect tickets at the entrance of the cavern. While collecting tickets I had a large family with the wrong color, they were scheduled to be on the tour after mine, and I was already responsible for over 50 people and could not allow more on my tour. The response the family gave me when I told them they were on the next tour was how were they supposed to know which tour they were on and that it was my fault for not making it clear to them what the color on their ticket meant and I had to fix the system. I could not just let them tag along because I have to watch and count everyone in each small room to make sure I didn’t loose anyone and was able to control the crowd. I was upset that a family yelled at me in front of my tour for something that was out of my control. I almost cried several times during my tour and was unable to give the best tour possible because I let what that family said to me ruin the rest of my day. That time is one of the many reasons why I no longer work at Natural Bridge.

Session 2: Julia Schuster

My life now is a standard day to day routine with not much excitement. Part of my mission is to change that. I do like having a comfortable routine that is planned but I miss out on the spontaneous “extras” of life. My mission is to balance the fun with the necessary by:

  • Work to graduate debt free
  • Go out with friends more
  • Be responsible
  • Stay motivated
  • Be respectful
  • Love
  • Listen
  • Learn
  • Enjoy the little moments in life
  • Don’t focus on the negatives
  • Be happy and have fun with work

Session 1 Blog

I grew up with a loving family that was always doing something. My parents made sure my sisters and I were always involved and active. We would go to dance classes, swim team practice, gymnastics, playdates with friends, and study. Even during summer we would have workbooks to prepare us for the next school year. We were always encouraged to learn and that we must go to college. I believe that my parents pushed us towards higher education so much because they didn’t have the opportunity themselves to go and wanted us to have that luxury of a college degree. My mom is still motivating me to go learn and reach towards what I want by working towards her degree. She has a comfortable job and pay and is well respected but still strives to have a degree and better herself, even if that means working a full time job and being a full time student that spends any and all free time studying. My dad is also respected in his company and has made the President’s Club three times in a row. My sisters also excelled in their activities; with one being head drum-major of her college band and the other being an officer of the dance team, summa cum lade, and was on the Stutters dance team. I watched my sisters work hard to get their positions and I was always the youngest standing in their shadows. I learned that I could not compete with them and had to find my own passion and goals. My grandma taught me to bake and I kept with it and eventually decided my best option was to go on the business path. Something I have been better at than my sisters is budgeting and finding deals and cheaper ways to do things and save money. I am a full time student that also works on the days I don’t have classes. I have no days off and I think it is worth it because I am on the path to graduate and be debt free when I do. The person I am today is someone who looks up to others to learn and is okay being at the bottom because I am working my way steadily to the top.