Session 13: Boo Murray

  • Known for making everyone laugh and be happy
  • Well traveled
  • Successful in my career )hopefully partner)
  • Showed everyone love and held no grudes
  • Have plenty of animals to leave behind
  • Still able to move at 100
  • I have friends who are 100 with me to look back on life with
  • Kicked ass at video games

Thank you for attending my birthday party! πŸ™‚


Session 12: Boo Murray

The word I would choose is MUSIC.

Music has a certain characteristic to alter any persons mood, which is an immense power toΒ  carry. Just a string of words or notes or chords are all it takes to make an average day great or a horrible day all better. That ability is something that the world needs to be exposed to. The crazy thing about music is that it has the ability to bring diverse groups together so easily. Music is able to create happiness, positivism, and peace all on it’s own. These are all things I hope to bring to the world with just one word. πŸ™‚

Session 11: Boo Murray

The most memorable and helpful presentation would have to be the baking one (it takes the cake haha). It is important for a presentation to be memorable just for the information to stick, so that’s a great start. As well as, the application and significance as it applies to us as leaders. It’s very important as a leader to maintain a special balance and as said, having too much of anything can be a bad thing. (You know when you were a kid and you smelled the vanilla and you’re like holy moly this is amazing, so your mom is like yea take a sip kiddo. When you do you start crying because it is the most awful thing ever invented ever to be taken alone. sorry off-topic… dang it mom.) Anyways, that is something true if you add too much sugar you’ll end up ruining the cookies even if you do think it would make them taste even better. Much like how a leader needs to not sugar coat everything and be stern and blunt to maintain order or get a point across. Overall, great lecture very helpful πŸ˜€

Session 9: Boo Murray

The peer review was pretty close to what I imagined it would be. I’m communicate well with others and have integrity and optimism, but I am still not the best leader. I’m able to speak up and say what needs to be said for others and try to understand all ideas presented, but I lack in letting everyone present there ideas and some of the traits, as such, I thought I was better in, but was proved to be wrong. I need to be able to step back and let others lead.

Session 10: Boo Murray

I am a sophomore and accounting major here at Texas State hoping to get my BBA, then MBA, and then CPA. I hope to begin work at a CPA firm and be allowed to travel around the states, since I have not been able to travel too much in my life. I’m an EC in AMA or American Marketing Association and hope to move up to President by the end of my time here. Even though I’m not a marketing major it is still a very useful skill to acquire in the business world. As well as a member of Phi Eta Sigma an honors society where we give back to the community. I would like to take on a leadership position here as well to help reform the club into a more motivated club with real world applications as opposed to cords and a resume filler. Finally, I’m a member of the Climbing Club which is one o my passions and something I am motivated to excel in always.

I believe that living each day to it’s full capacity is the way to live life and that understanding your choices are yours alone and to live with no regrets based on your decisions. My goal is to help others live life the way they wish to live it, whether I agree or not.

When I’m not in class I spend time with loved ones and bettering my body with running, working out, and eating healthy.

Session 8: Boo Murray

One of the biggest chronic problems faced in our organization would be participation of members. Many people do not have the drive to show up if it is not mandatory. Whether it be due to other commitments or just unwilling to show up it has been consistent through out the years. A lot of our events, have speakers arrive and when people don’t show up it makes the organization look awful. So, it ends up spiraling and less and less people show up and only the members are showing up because they are forced to do so. We are beginning to form more socials and the leaders are starting to accept and apply our thoughts to grow with more fun events over just work.

My mission as a leader is to:

  • instill honesty and positivity among members
  • Create a fun environment for others
  • Make a clear vision for others to take up as their own
  • Hear others out and observe there emotions through out
  • And to create bonds with all members

Vision: To have the skills and abilities to take up leadership roles in organizations and the work force. As well as, to inspire other to stay honest and reliable.

Values: Optimism, Trust, Reliability, and Courage

Session 7: Boo Murray

So, my first job was at papa john’s and as you can imagine it was nothing extraordinary. Mostly just answering phone calls and stuff making minimum wage, very easy job. After about a month I decided I wanted to learn more than answer phone calls so I started leading towards other jobs around the store. Prepping the dough, making the pizza, and working the oven. The manager could tell I was competent and allowed me to do so and I ended up learning the store and getting a raise because of it: peachy. Fast forward and I get a job waiting tables at Uncle Julio’s and same story, I picked up waiting tables pretty fast and enjoyed it and was working 40+ hours a week. After about a month I wanted to move further and not just wait tables all day. There were many other positions I could work and expressed my interest in learning those jobs, but the manager didn’t think I was ready at all, and even though it was a pay decrease she viewed it as a promotion. No one else wanted to do these jobs other than me, but since I hadn’t been working for as long I didn’t get a say and rather she forced other employees to do the job that they didn’t want to. After a while I got frustrated and tired of waiting tables and ended up quitting.