Session 13

At my 100th birthday party I’d want people to highlight:

  • reliable & good friend, son, etc.
  • always hardworking
  • passion for sports, traveling, and music
  • good father
  • worked a good enough paying job to send my kids off to school
  • retired comfortably

Session 12

I would change the word from miserable to hardworking. Growing up I had to watch my mom struggle to raise and provide for me as a single parent. Never once did I witness her not give her full effort in anything that she did for me or herself. When I turned 16 and was old enough to get my first job, I made it a habit to always do things the right way and give 110% no matter what was going on that particular day. If you always give your best effort in everything you do it will never go unnoticed. Whether you believe it or not people are always watching what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. It says a lot about you if you’re giving maximum effort day in and day out.

Session 11

The baking presentation was my personal favorite from the last session. The group did a really good job of tying the two ideas together allowing the presentation to flow smoothly. The lesson I took away from the presentation was the overall idea that it not only takes specific qualities to be an effective leader, but also an awareness that we’re applying the right amount of these qualities. It stops and make me think of what qualities /ingredients I may not display enough of as a leader or vice versa. All of the group members seemed very prepared and definitely set the standard for the rest of the presentations following.

Session 10

Zach Kline is a sophomore at Texas State University pursuing a Business Management degree. After spending the majority of his childhood/teen years in the Boy Scouts of America program learning all about different leadership skills and qualities, he earned the rank of Eagle in the spring of 2015. While now taking on more of an “adult” role in the program, Zach is still involved with the troop when he visits home. Zach’s passions include any and all sports, clothes, rap/hip-hop, and analytical data in sports. He hopes to build a career around analytical data in sports, preferably one in baseball.

Zach firmly believes in open-mindedness and being kind to everyone. His goal is to pursue a career in sports fearlessly and inspire people to not be afraid to be themselves through it. When he’s not at class or work, you can usually find Zach with his friends thrifting, playing video games, or watching whatever game is on.

Session 9

The results from my LPI assessment gave me an opportunity to see how much my peer’s opinions of my leadership skills differed from my own. I scored myself lower than my peers scored me in every category except “Challenge the Process.” 4 out of my 10 lowest leadership behaviors were under that category.  “Enable Others to Act” was the category that I scored highest in according to my observers. My top 10 leadership behaviors were filled with statements from “Model the Way,” “Inspire a Shared Vision,” and “Enable Others to Act.” The scores I received from my observers tells me that I underestimated the majority of my leadership skills. The low scores from “Challenge the Process” tells me that I’m not pushing myself hard enough to find more efficient ways to do things. It also helped me realize that I’m not that creative of a person at all and I really struggle with tasks that require it. Going forward, I need to try to find ways to apply the 6 leadership behaviors from the “Challenge” category into my daily life with my classes, studying, work, etc.

Session 8

After going over Covey’s seven chronic problems again, I found out the one I struggle with the most is not having a strategic plan. Most things that happen in our life come up unexpectedly and leave us unprepared. I’m young and in school still. I don’t think I need to have my whole life figured out right now, but having a sense of the direction I want to go in probably wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.


Vision – I am confident in my ability to get a good job that fits my organizational and personal needs. My leadership skills have grown and I can apply that knowledge to better lead people in my organization. My communication/listening skills have developed and I’m now a better friend to all of my colleagues.


Values- Kindness, Integrity, Open-Mindness, Reliability, Self-Awareness, Growth and Development

Session 7

As I said in my last blog post, my first job was delivering pizzas for Palio’s Pizza Cafe. The store is run by teenagers for the most part and there’s only a few employees that are not in high school/college. On this particular weekday night a couple years ago I was working with only two other people. One was my manager and the other was a girl who had just recently gotten fired. It was extremely slow so at about 8:00 p.m. for odd some reason my boss thought it would be a good idea to go workout at the gym. She let me know that she was gonna workout for about an hour and be back in time to close with me. She didn’t anticipate it being busy at all since it had been dead all night, but that if it got busy to just give her a call and she’d be there within minutes. After she headed to the gym we got a couple delivery orders which meant I had to leave the this newly hired girl all alone to run the store. The leadership style used by my boss in this situation was pretty much non-existent and was a very irresponsible decision in my opinion. After an hour struggle for this girl my boss showed back up to close only to discover that a $50 bill was missing from the register. It turned out that while I was gone on one of the deliveries the newly hired girl got caught on camera taking the $50 from the register. She got fired the next day when I came into work, and my boss never left the store unsupervised again.